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Mosaic Ministries Moment:

What’s so different about Urban ministry?
Well maybe nothing
If you’ve noticed the unmistakable fragrance of marijuana in the middle of your service, or, if you have been preaching and notice the audience is unusually excited and think you are on fire, but then realize a bat has flown in above you, or, if you are in a Bible Study and a person opens their old King James and roaches crawl out of it towards the others around the table, or, if you have been in the middle of a message and a, Uh, woman of the night, comes up, grabs your ears and plants her lips in the middle of your forehead; well, if you have had these experiences in your ministry, maybe there really is no difference!

Yet in spite of all these crazy experiences we have had in the last decade, we continue to see the timeless message of Jesus changing lives. We are so thankful for that!

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Wow! What a night with a couple dozen folks from Archbold Evangelical. They brought a bunch of donations for our guests, prayed with lots of people, cleaned up our place and then sought out some homeless folks to bless.
We checked under bridges and in neighborhoods before finding a guy sleeping at a Tarta station. He now has a pizza, a hotel room and a plan for the next few nights.

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How do we handle the competition from other churches?

I always laugh at that question because we are not in competition with God’s people. We are in competition with this world! We are in collaboration with great churches in South Toledo.

None of us could survive on our own. It takes all of God’s people working in the same direction to attack poverty. We are so grateful to have Vision Ministries, Joshua Generation, Tabernacle of Praise, South Side Life Station, Help Feed Toledo and others working with us and we are inspired by That Neighborhood Church in North Toledo. Competition? Heavens! We aren’t competing. We need more people, not less to get this work done.

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Why we just can’t quit

This kind of work is incredibly taxing. The toll on one's emotions and spirit is significant. We try to walk in the space between being so distant that nothing bothers us and where we are so injured by the daily tragedy that we can't function. A strong desire to quit is never far from our mind.

But, we just can't do that.

Nearly 20 years ago I (Kelly) was in a crowded, smelly market place in China. To my horror I noticed a severely handicapped little boy lying face down in the muck of the street, wailing out loud. People just walked by and threw coins at him. I stopped in anguish at the sight, but I had no idea what to do. So I also threw some coins as the crowd swept me along. That story haunted me for years. I had left a pitiful little boy alone in the street. I should have done something, anything. Now, when I feel the daily pull to quit, I recall that little boy and realize I can’t look him in the face and say I am too tired, too stressed to keep helping the little boys we have in front of us right now. I can never leave another helpless child alone to suffer.

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